Wild Rabbit Asking For Help???

My coworker, Sam, told me of this crazy but true story.  He was on the riding mower cutting grass and spotted an adolescent rabbit in the yard.  At first he thought nothing of it.  But then, he noticed as the mower got closer and closer,  this rabbit was not moving away.  After getting very close, he turned off the mower, got off and walked over to it.  Then, he bent over and picked it up!

Now, I would not recommend picking up wildlife for many reasons, but I was amazed by the next course of events that unfolded.  Sam said the rabbit was very calm and trusting.  As he was petting him, he felt 3 large bumps on the rabbit’s neck.  Unsure of what they were, he brought him inside the house for a closer look.

What he found disgusted him.  The bumps were 3 warbles (some call them cattle grubs), burrowed deep in the neck, with 2 air holes to breath from.  Realizing that the rabbit came to him for help, Sam knew he had to get them out.  After finding a pair of tweezers, one by one he grabbed onto each one and slowly, carefully pulled it out of the air hole.  The warbles were fatter than the holes and Sam had to use some effort.  The last one was the biggest and most difficult to get out.

As soon as he pulled the last one out, he would feel the rabbit sigh with relief.  Sam’s daughter help him doctor up the holes properly.  She wanted to keep the rabbit but Sam said no.  He was looking for help, that’s why he was so calm and trusting.  They had to do right by him and set him free.

Animals are so smart!  They know we can be good and helpful to them.  Most of the time, we either are not paying attention to them or we don’t realize we are putting off scary vibes.  If we can open our awareness, sharpen all of our 6 senses and are mindful of our energy and actions, then we might be in a situation like Sam was.  I would love to experience something like that!  Wouldn’t you?