What to Expect with an Animal Communicator

A photo of the animal must be given to the communicator, preferably a nice face picture.

It's best to have the animal alone in the picture so it's easier to have the communicator connect with the correct animal. 

Specific questions will get specific answers.

While their whole life story is not needed, asking a question too vague can result in an vague answer.  If the question is "why do you act badly", the animal may or may not know what exactly it's directing towards.  They might not see a certain behavior as bad and will say "I don't act bad".  If the question has a little more detail, "why do you attack other dogs", then the animal can clearly understand and can explain their side of the story.

Not all animals communicate well.

Just like people, some animals are very talkative and open, while others are not.  Those animals may be nervous, distracted or just in general don't go on in great detail about things.  This has nothing to do with the species or gender of the animal.

Animals sometimes speak in metaphors.

Sometimes the message they send a communicator is a figure of speech.  Then, between the communicator and pet owner, they have to try to decipher what the meaning is. 

Animals cannot be forced to be changed.

A communicator can explain something to them, like a certain behavior, but animals have free will. There is no guarantee they will follow the advice.  

Animals can withhold the truth.

It's not uncommon that animals can withhold information or be untruthful.  An example of this is if the animal is in pain but does not tell the communicator.  The animal does not want their owner to worry.  Another example is if they don't want to get in trouble for something or don't want to rat one of their friends out!

Communicators are never 100% accurate.

If a communicator ever says they are right about everything, then it would be best to find another communicator.  They are not correct all the time.  Even the best communicators average about 80% accurate.

Check out Interpreting the Message for more details!

Christian faith is used for guidance.

Some people believe talking with animals is the devil's work, but that is far from the truth.  Some communicators, like Courtney, are Christian and actually call on God and all the Angels for guidance.  Animals are pure and innocent - there is nothing bad from talking with them.