I don't even know where to start with my experiences so far with Courtney and my horse Lina.  I got Courtney's name on recommendation from someone else that had used her in the past and I am so glad I have her as my connection now!!!

The first two things she said to me when we did a communication she would have no way to know at all.  I am not on social media and there are no posts about me or my horse.  She mentioned something that we were literally working on hours before our session.  The second thing she said was that my horse wanted me to know that she felt good, especially her feet.  That is so interesting to me because I had such horrible issues with her feet when I got her and spent months fixing them.  She also nailed her personality and traits and we were not even on a video call.  I could see Lina totally melting and relaxing and she started yawning as Courtney was connecting with her.  She is not a yawner, it was amazing to watch the whole thing.  I had been having trouble loading Lina in the trailer to come home from shows, so this is something we are still focusing on, but there is such an improvement in her it's amazing.

After seeing what I saw and hearing what Courtney said I decided to try the Reiki to see if we can release some of the blocked energy that Lina is carrying.  In her throat chakra, Courtney mentioned that Lina is not afraid to get her point across if she wants something, not in a mean way, but you know when she wants something and this statement is right on. I could go on and on about the little subtle things that Courtney can pick up on from my horse, but there are actually too many.  I am totally impressed with how she can connect with an animal.   We are working on the areas where Lina is carrying some blocked energy and I am seeing a difference in her.  I have had several other people I board say how much more relaxed and chill my horse is and they had no idea that she was getting Reiki done.  I have had three sessions on her and I will tell you Courtney is part of our program.  I feel like my horse has benefited so much from Courtney over the last few months and have asked Courtney to be a regular part of my horse's program.

I highly recommend Courtney for her communication and her Reiki.  It is rare to find someone that can connect with an animal in the ways that she can and has the ability to read them.  I will continue to use and recommend Courtney.  Do not hesitate to try her you will be amazed at the information she can give you about your pet awesome insight.  Additionally, she gave me things that I can do myself that I believe have helped deepen by connection with my horse. Absolutely and amazing and postive experience!

Angela C.

After losing our dog Jack to a short and sudden illness, I was in so much pain and despair. I did a search for a Christian animal communicator, and found Courtney. She made me feel so comfortable right away, and once she started communicating with Jack, it was absolutely amazing. There is no doubt that we were communicating directly with Jack. Courney could not have known his little quirks, eccentricities, his personality, or specific information about his life. Knowing that I connected directly with my boy and that he is not only happy and fully restored, but he is ok with his passing, gives me so much peace and comfort. Learning that he still visits and sleeps with me at night, makes me so happy. We are still mourning his physical absence, but my communication session with Courtney changed my grief. I am no longer sinking in despair because I know that Jack isn't really gone. He is happy and he still loves us and is always just a thought away. Bless you, Courtney for sharing your gift with the world.

Anita C.

In the past, I've been skeptical about animal communication, but when Courtney read my dog, she knew some things there was no way she would have been able to know!  She has a true ability to communicate with pets, and has given me so much joy with knowing some things about my dogs and horses that I would have never known.  She also gave me some closure with a beloved pet that passed on.  So worth it! 

Olivia K.  


I was very impressed with the insight Courtney provided on my German  Shepherd Dog, Ginger.  I rescued Ginger as a 3 yr old adult and all I  have wanted to do was provide her a good home and love.  I was  so thrilled when Courtney provided me with Ginger's reading.  I got  answers to many questions and  most importantly found out that Ginger  is as happy with me as I am with her.  We have a special connection.  If  I ever have a problem with Ginger I will not  hesitate to call Courtney again.  She did a great job!

Barb B.

 Courtney and I have known each other for a very long time and she has  always been a huge help to me! She's always had a natural talent for  solving problems effectively while teaching you without it feeling like  hard work. I have never believed in animal communicators- let's be  honest here it sounds crazy!! I do believe animals understand us through  body language, but that's about as far as I go. Currently I own a 5  year old gelding named Dallas whom I have owned since he was 3. Dallas  is my first young horse so needless to say, we've had some hiccups! Him  and I clicked when I met him, I could see in his eyes that he was kind  and very smart… TOO SMART! It took me way longer than expected to figure  him out and still 2 years later  we don't have it all the kinks ironed out but Courtney was my saving  grace! I have mentioned before to Courtney about Dallas' issues, and one  major reoccuring problem was his bucking. We could walk or trot but as  soon as I asked for a lope- he'd have a fit! Cow-kicking is his favorite  pass time! So I am at my wits end with him… Having had a vet out and a  chiropractor- I had ruled out health issues. Time for an attitude  adjustment! I put in countless hours in the saddle and the problem never  faded. Courtney talked to Dallas one day and communicated to him the  danger he puts us in when he behaves that way- she told me he seemed  like he had no clue it could hurt me! She made him promise that he would  not do that ever again and reluctantly, he agreed (which is TOTALLY  like him!). Mind you- Courtney really does not know Dallas at all… She's  familiar with my other gelding, but has only met Dallas a couple of  times. Fast forward to our next outing- I decided to take him for a  trail ride with a friend… If he behaves himself and doesn't  buck/cow-kick, I'm sold; I'm a believer. Right there on that day  everything I had ever believed in changed- Courtney really can talk to  animals and her words DO impact them! I worked up the nerve to ask for a  lope and just like he'd been doing it for years he took off perfectly  in a nice calm straight line.. NO BUCK. Never even thought once about  it! It was such an emotional day because finally after the YEAR of  struggle, it was over. I could go on and on how she's communicated with  my other animals, but Dallas is the story I believe had the most of an  impact on my life. Trust me when I say- Don't rule out animal  communication to solve a problem- It might be the answer you've been  searching for! Thank you so much Courtney!!!

Amanda J.

Recently we added a new cat to our 2 cat family. Resident cats (all female) are Molly (Persian age 16 (-relaxed, tolerant) and Patsy (dilute tortoiseshell age 13 jealous, territorial, growls/grumbles whenever anything is not up to standard). About 1 month earlier, we had had to euthanize Patsy's longtime companion (another Siamese), and she seemed very depressed. Naively, we thought she would welcome a "new playmate." The newcomer, Shelby, is another Siamese and is younger (possibly 3-4). She is super intelligent and of course, full of energy. Immediately Patsy took an instant dislike to her which of course was returned. Molly, on the other hand, was accepting and there were no issues as far as acceptance on her part.
Despite faithfully following the protocol for introducing a new cat into our home and separating them at mealtime and bedtime, we couldn't seem to get a handle on stopping the aggression that Shelby and Patsy showed the other whenever they came in sight. This took the form of staring and unexpected rushing and particularly in Patsy's case--loud growling and hissing. Shelby would retaliate the same way, usually chasing Patsy under a bed.
Because we had used the help of an animal communicator in another situation, we decided that in this case, it might also help because we certainly were not getting positive results. Therefore, we contacted Courtney who responded very quickly and set up an appointment to talk with the dueling divas. I had sent her photos and some questions to ask each one.
After the session, Courtney very quickly sent a detailed report that offered a great deal of insight. She also included suggestions for strategies that we might try. Within a week after the "cat chat", we saw results. There were virtually no more rushing/chasing incidents, and the staring/ growling episodes could be largely controlled by regular pep talks and firm demands to "cut that out" as well as keeping them separated for meals (since Shelby is a super fast eater and the others are not) and sleeping.
3 weeks post chat, we had to go out of town for 2 nights and when we returned, it was clear that there had been some incidents during our absence (since all had to be confined inside due to cold weather and Shelby needing to be kept inside only for a little longer whereas Patsy is indoor/outdoor). So we expected some cabin fever reaction that of course was hidden when the petsitter made her twice daily visits. But within a few days of resuming our routine, they have settled into an even more improved truce situation.
It is still not 100% friendly. Patsy would still like Shelby to go away and Shelby is understandably annoyed by the sulky reception, but the aggression is now mostly limited to grumpy growling from Patsy and a stare from Shelby that can easily be diverted and redirected. Shelby is now confident and trustworthy enough to be allowed outside privileges so that there are far more distractions that allow both of them to let off steam without having to interact with each other too much. Although they still eat separately, they now are allowed to mingle during the night and our house is big enough to offer many options for privacy. We have neither heard nor seen evidence that there has been any aggression during the night.
Shelby has now been part of our family for almost 6 weeks and based on the positive progress we have seen so far, we can be hopeful that given more time, Patsy will tire of the drama and come to enjoy or at least accept Shelby's companionship as much as we do. I do not think we would have gotten the positive results we have now without the help of Courtney, and we would certainly recommend that anyone who is trying to work with behavior issues reach out to her for the wonderful help she has given us.
Joe and Wendy  Asheville. NC

I was very impressed with the knowledge that Courtney had about my dog Eli. I would recommend her for anybody!

Debi. F.

Courtney has read both my dogs.  After my Skeeter passed, she read her and gave me such peace of mind, she was happy and will always be with me.  I plan on continuing her service for my remaining dog.

Janet D. 

Each reading Courtney has done on my horses, from a distance, has revealed fascinating information that there was no way she would have known without being there! The reading she did after our pony's death had amazing details she could not have known otherwise.  It brought me tears and so much comfort! 

Desarai P.