Want to do something fun and different with your friends? Book an animal reading party with me!

Here are the details:

* Minimum group size is 6, maximum size is 15.

* Pricing per reading is as follows:

              *groups 6-9 people is $30 per each 15 minute reading

              *groups 10-12 people is $25 per each 15 minute reading

               *groups 13-15 people is $20 per each 15 minute reading

* Animals do not need to be present. A nice picture of their face is good enough.
* Commonly asked topics - health, learning about their past, behavioral issues, talking to passed on animals, and if there is anything they want to say to you!
* I will travel to your location. If it's an hour or less from zip code 16101 or from zip code 57108, then there are no additional travel fees. (I travel frequently from South Dakota to Pennsylvania.)

* Along with the readings, I will give a seminar on how everyday pet owners can have a better bond and communication with any animal.
* When I have a larger group, I will do half of the readings before my seminar and half after. That way, the participants won't have to spend a lot of time waiting for everyone else's readings.

It's a lot of fun and everyone, including the animals, benefit! Contact me if you are interested!

Who Wants to Have a Party???