Our Crazy Lives Are Blocking Communication!

This day and age is crazy busy. Run here, run there. Work 2 jobs just to make ends meet, then run the kids around, cook supper, do this, do that!!! Really, when we think about it, when do we really have quiet time for ourselves? From the time we wake up in the morning to the time that we fall asleep at night, our brains are in constant overdrive. Technology isn’t helping, either. We never get off our phones!

Because we have so much garbage in our brains, our minds are not clear. When they are not clear, we can’t possible receive the information our animals are trying to tell us. It’s getting blocked.

What do we do the help fix that? The best thing is meditating. If you’ve ever tried it, you know how hard it can be – especially in the beginning. Thinking about nothing takes practice! But if you can achieve this, they you will have a better shot at truly “listening” to your animals. You don’t have to take an hour everyday to meditate. If you only have 5 minutes each day, then it will still give you benefits!

Another thing we can do it open our awareness. Use all 6 senses (your 6th sense is your intuition!) and really pay attention to each one. Take a deep breath and really think about what you are smelling. Focus on seeing things with a sharper eye. Pay attention to all details.
Before you come in contact with an animal, assess yourself. How are you feeling emotionally, physically, spiritually and mentally. Note if you have any positive or negative things about yourself at that moment.

After your self assessment, be around an animal and then pay attention to your 6 senses again. Do you still feel the same? Better or worse? Because you already know how YOU are feeling, anything different you are now feeling is from the animal.

These are just a few tips for anyone to open themselves up. Not only will you be “listening” to your animal more, but also it’s good for your health! Meditating has so many health benefits such as helping with depression, anxiety and sleep disorders – just to name a few. Opening your awareness is good for all situations in life, not just animal communication. If you are using all 6 senses to the fullest, you’d be amazed by what you will discover!

So take a few minutes of your busy day to work on you! You’ll reap the benefits and so will your pets!