What will the New Year bring?

Merry Christmas everyone! I hope you all are having a wonderful holiday season. Tomorrow is the start of a new year. A new year could bring change and a fresh start.

For the past few years, I have labeled in January what I thought the theme of that year would be like. I kept that theme in mind throughout the year, to keep pushing me towards my goals and to keep me focused.

Here’s what my previous years were like:
2014 – The year of change. I had a 2 job changes due to lay offs, a family member passed away, I put up new pasture fence and got a new horse. Lots of changes that year!
2015 – The year of work. One of my job lay offs hurt me financially. When I got a new job, I wasn’t making the money I was before so I was forced to get 2nd job. I did it without complaining, knowing it was necessary. But boy did I work my butt off that year! A little too much, which lead me into my theme for the following year.
2016 – The year of balance. I was working so much in 2015 that it was affecting my cognitive skills! I had memory issues and could not think well. It was scary! I knew something had to change. I was determined to find that balance of work and personal time. Well, eventually in that year, I did it!
2017 – The year of Progress. I had my life and career goals in mind and was ready to move forward with them. I would never get out of my “dream” stage if I didn’t move forward and take some risks. Everything I did was like playing chess. My timing had to be right, my strategy well though out and correct. In August 2017, I officially started my Animal Communication business. Sure, it wasn’t easy but I accomplished my goals!
And for 2018, this is the year of New Beginnings. As will all new businesses, it takes a whole lot of time (and money) to get things going. As I try to build my clientèle and get my name out there, I will strive to keep improving my business. I have my goals throughout the year in place of what I want to happen and when. My vision is set, now I just need to push forward to get it accomplished.

Another thing I started last year for fun was in January I would randomly pick a date in December and put a reminder on my email’s calendar. On this reminder, I would say where I was in my life at the moment, professionally and personally. Then, I would predict what I thought was going to happen for that year and how I was going to get things done.

This past year, I totally forgot that in January 2017 I did this. So in December 2017 when my reminder popped up, I had a good laugh but also was proud that I was right on track. Everything I planned to do I did, but even earlier than I anticipated. I will definitely be doing this again! Sometimes it’s hard to remember what you are thinking a year ago. These little reminders are great!

What do you all think 2018 will bring for you? Do you have a plan for your personal and professional life? Remember, we can’t improve any aspect of our life if we don’t have goals. Dreams can’t be made into real life until we get a plan of action installed. One of my favorite sayings I always fall back to it is, “if you don’t practice, you don’t deserve to dream”. Don’t put things off, start them now! Happy New Year everyone!