My First Big Animal Communication Experience

When I was growing up, I never realized how often I was knowing what my animals were saying. Many times it was very subtle. Often, I thought I must have been imagining it because I wanted them to answer me. Now I know it was the real deal!

The first "big" experience came from one of my barn cats, Melvin. Yes, as I promised in my Thanksgiving blog, Melvin is back!

He and I  had a very connected and many times he acted almost like a person. This was a cat who loved everyone, even strangers and kids. When my cousins who live next door would have parties, he would voluntarily walk over to their yard to meet everyone! That is not normal cat behavior, lol. Melvin became known as "Melvin the Party Cat". He was certainly one of a kind!

One day when I was in the barn with Melvin and all my other animals, my mom came in to talk to me. Now you see, Melvin was a very jealous cat - always wanting me to pay attention to him rather than who I was talking to.

My mom and I were both standing up in the barn isle and he was at my feet. All the sudden, I knew he was trying to get my attention. Now, I didn't hear anything nor did he physically touch me. I just had a sense of knowing that he wanted me to look at him.  I looked down and his pupils were huge! No sounds or anything else, but again, I had this sense of knowing that he wanted to jump on my shoulder. I smiled and said "okay". Then BAM! He jumped from the ground onto my shoulder. (That is not normal for a cat to jump on the shoulder of a person who is standing.)

As soon as he did that he started purring and rubbing on my head. My mom, who's not a huge cat fan, cried out "what is that cat doing?" in a shocked and slightly disgusted voice.  I just laughed and said he asked if he could so I let him. Naturally, she thought I was crazy. I smiled because I knew it was real.

Melvin was strictly a barn cat but LOVED sneaking in the house when the opportunity was ripe. After he was inside, he'd run around the house meowing, almost to say "try to find me".

At one time Melvin was able to squeeze through a small hole and get into our basement. He meowed loudly. Hearing this, my mom was confused because we don't have cats in the house. After listening to the direction of the sound, she tracked it to the basement. As soon as she opened the basement door, Melvin was there waiting for her at the top of the stairs.

Not caring at all that he about gave her a heart attack, the opened basement door gave him the freedom to run in the house for my mom to chase him around. She'd be swearing at him and he'd keep about 5 feet in front of her at all times.

Many years later, Melvin passed away. I was devastated. He was very special to me. For two days I heard him meowing in the house. I knew what that meant. He wanted me to know he was somewhere where he really wasn't supposed to be but didn't care. He also wanted me to know that he was moving on and thanking me for taking care of him.

Melvin is always with me. He gives me guidance with my animal communication. When I need a little help deciphering a message or if the animal I'm talking to isn't balanced or is nervous in any way, Melvin helps out.

Don't think that just because he's crossed over that a cat can't have any fun.  You know he's still goes to my cousin's parties and is running around in my mom's house!  Some things will never change.