How I Got Started

One of the most common questions I am asked is how did I get started in animal communication?  When I was a teenager, I always went to horse expos in my area.  Several times, an animal communicator would give a seminar and have a few horses to read.  I was amazed and honestly, a little jealous, that a person could do this!  I wanted so bad to have this skill, but thought you have to be “born with the gift”.

Fast forward many years later, I found myself training a client’s horse who was previously abused by another trainer.  I got that horse over a lot of demons, but there was one thing I could not figure out.  I couldn’t get this mare to stop bucking at the canter!  No matter which technique I tried, it didn’t work.  I even tried just “riding the buck out” without success.  She had no heath issues and her saddle fit fine.  I was at a loss.

My gut instinct kept telling me to contact a communicator because I needed to know this horse’s backstory, but I didn’t even know who to call!  After a Google search,I picked a communicator in North Carolina and set up a phone appointment.  I was really hoping this wasn’t a scam and this lady could actually help me.

When we were on the phone for my reading, she told me not to tell her anything about this mare.  She needed to be clear minded.  My jaw dropped when she started to tell me about this horse’s personality and her early life.  I did know some things about her previous life and this communicator hit the nail on the head!

So after we both confirmed we were talking to the right horse, I asked her why she bucks at the canter.  Right away, she said it’s the saddle.  I wasn’t buying it because I knew the saddle fit her fine and she didn’t have pain anywhere.  The communicator said something was hitting or flapping on her and scaring her.  She then went into more detail, saying someone in her past abused her.  That person would take the reins and whip her in the sides when he was on her back.  He was trying to get her to run.  When I cantered on her, something from the saddle was flapping and giving her flashbacks of the abuse.

Later that evening, I went to the barn and checked out my client’s saddle.  Sure enough, there were low hanging latigo straps on it.  (Latigo straps are long, skinny pieces of leather that hang from the back of the saddle.)  We tied up the straps so they wouldn’t dangle off of her.  Then, you know what?  She didn’t buck!!!!  She was more relaxed, willing and we had a great ride!

I was a true believer after that.  Some people argued with me saying lots of horses get ticklish when the latigo straps touch them and the communicator just had a lucky guess.  Yes, that is the case for some horses, but nobody can deny that the communicator was spot on right from the start.  And that mare’s overall behavior changed instantly.  There are always skeptics out there, but I know what is the truth.

After that, I used that communicator to talk to my own animals.  My mom was a skeptic at first, but then listened to the reading with my one horse, Brandy.  She is now a full blown believer!

That communicator I used has workshops to learn how to do this.  I traveled to North Carolina on more than one occasion to learn from her.  I also practiced on any animal who’s owner who would let me.  After communicating to about 100 animals with great accuracy, I was ready to start my own business.  So here I am now, on this amazing journey!