Trainer Services

Learn how I combine my trainer's experience with communication!

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What To Expect

Are you wondering what to expect from a communication?  Need to know what is expected of you, your pet and your communicator?  Read on!

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Lost Pets

Do you have a lost pet?  Check out this page for tips on finding your lost animal.

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See What Others Are Saying!

I feel like my horse has benefited so much from Courtney over the last few months and have asked Courtney to be a regular part of my horse's program. - Angela C.

She made me feel so comfortable right away, and once she started communicating with Jack, it was absolutely amazing. - Anita C.

If  I ever have a problem with Ginger I will not hesitate to call Courtney again. - Barb B.

Right there on that day  everything I had ever believed in changed- Courtney really can talk to  animals and her words DO impact them! - Amanda J.

I do not think we would have gotten the positive results we have now without the help of Courtney. - Joe and Wendy

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Check Out My Upcoming Workshops and Other Events!

Are you interested in learning how to do animal communication?  Click here!

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How I Communicate with Animals

I am a Christian communicator who uses my intuitive abilities to communicate with living and passed on animals.  This can be done remotely.  I have clients all around the world and many times the client is not with the animal when I connect to it.  It's very convenient for all owners!

The Benefits of a Consultation

  • Get a deeper understanding and stronger bond
  • Behavior problems
  • Grief support
  • Uncover past issues such as trauma or PTSD
  • Health and Wellness issues*
  • Help adjusting to a new home
  • Communicating with passed over pets

*this does NOT replace veterinary care.  I am not trained in the medical field so if something is wrong with your pet, please seek medical attention.

How I Attained Animal Communication Skills

I have learned this skill from Master Animal Communicators Cindy Smith and Jeannie Helton-Vos by completing multiple courses, along with taking additional courses for intuitive development from other gifted teachers.